August 4, 2008

Pizza boy

Last night, LD ("Little Dude" for those new to the blog) and I made home-made pizza. Well, it was out of a Chef Boyardee box, but I still considered it home-made. LOL

LD is quite the little chef. He read the ingredients, helped me measure everything out and then had a blast mixing the dough together and then spreading on the sauce and the cheese. While we were making the pizza, I told him that this is like what his Uncle Kevin did to make pizzas (Kevin worked out in CA for a few months as a pizza maker, and became quite the pro -- I'm pretty sure he didn't use a Chef Boyardee mix though ;) ). LD thought about that for a minute and said, "I didn't know this is how he made pizzas." Apparently, LD has a new respect for Uncle Kev.

We made two pizzas -- both cheese -- on two cookie sheets. And, yes, I used to sell Pampered Chef and have pizza stones galore, but still used a cookie sheet. It's easier. LOL I'm glad we made two because one of them became completely scorched on the top, despite rotating the sheets from the top to bottom racks. Ah, well -- it worked out okay because we had more than enough pizza with the one pizza and that one rocked.

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