April 25, 2006

The wit and wisdom of LD

The LD ("little dude" for those new to my blog) has been cracking me up the past couple of days, so I thought I'd share the two most amusing statements...

Last night, LD came home from daycare with some pictures cut out of a magazine that were taped onto a piece of paper. He said that at daycare, he used scissors and a magazine. Hmm, who knew LD could use scissors? I remember learning that for the first time in kindergarten -- and with thoose charming green scissors no less since I'm left-handed. Anway, in order to help him learn how to use scissors further, we went to Tarjay and got him some scissors (and of course two Matchbox cars too). When he took the scissors from the shelf, he said "no cutting fingers... cut paper". I was dying. I have a feeling he might have heard that a few times at daycare yesterday using scissors for the first time.

And one from this morning... I was putting on some brown eyeliner this morning. LD was watching me and he said "it's brown on lashes" (close enough). I then went to put the eyeliner back in my purse and he said "smudge!" and rubbed his finger across his eye lid to remind me to smudge the eyeliner in case I forgot I guess. He kills me. Funny, funny guy! Future makeup artist or Fashion Police on my hands, I think.

April 21, 2006

Survived Chuck E. Cheese

Well, I took LD to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time today -- I took a vacation day and LD and I got together with a college friend and her son, who's the same age as LD. I was a bit nervous because LD's never been there before, but he had a BLAST! Our friends had just gotten there when we arrived and they had a table all set. We ordered a large cheese pizza and drinks that came with 30 tokens and then split the tokens between the two of them.

LD rode this Chuck e Cheese car that takes a picture of the kid riding, which was pretty funny. I was cracking up when I saw the picture because he's looking so intently at the steering wheel.

There was skee ball (fun for me!!!) and LD enjoyed it as well -- he would just roll the ball up, and then I'd get it when it came back down and roll it for real.

The pizza when it came out was delish! How bizarre is that? I had no idea. LD was loving it and I had 3 slices (what a piglet!!! ). While we were eating lunch, a real-life (well, as "real-life" as a guy dressed up in a Chuck e cheese outfit can get) Chuck E. Cheese came out to see the kids. LD thought he was great and was waving to him and all excited. Surprised the heck out of me.

Then, after lunch, it was time for more skee ball and playing the games there. There was a train that went around and around when activated by a token. LD loved that one. Then, we played some game where you roll the token down and see where it lands up and you get corresponding .. of tickets from that. On the 4th try, we landed on 70 tickets, so LD got 70 more tickets. He was in heaven watching them all furl out. It was cute!

After that (about an hour and a half after we got there), figured it was time to head out and bring LD home for a nap. We cashed in his tickets and got a Chuck E. Cheese koosh ball and two things of smarties. Fun day. I'm still amazed.

I think I've created a monster though. He's already talking about wanting to go back soon.