April 9, 2011

101 in 1,001 Days List

Dusting this off yet again.

Hmm, when I started the 101 things to do in 1,001 days list, May 12, 2011 seemed a long way off. Now, it's next month. Let's see just how many of these I actually accomplished...

Now, here's that list. Reminder: The bolded ones are the ones I've now done.

Start Date: Thursday, August 14 2008
End Date: Thursday, May 12 2011

1. Sign up for guitar lessons and actually attend at least 5 (5/5) <-- Complete! I took the guitar lessons for about three months and then ended them because I didn't have any time for practicing.
2. Have 5 more articles published in a newspaper or magazine (5/5) <-- Complete. Taking up writing freelance articles for New England Bride again for a few months helped with this.
3. Completely finish potty-training LD <-- Thankfully, complete since LD's now 8!
4. Play hooky with my hubby -- Hmm, I actually don't think we actually did this. Fail.
5. Have a date night out with Scott once every other month if not more -- Definitely not every other month, nope ...
6. Go to Niagara Falls with Scott and LD <-- Complete: We went last year and had a great time.
7. Go to Newfoundland with Scott and LD -- Didn't do this, but we're taking steps towards it. I actually have a passport. Now to get Scott and Adam one.
8. Take LD to StoryLand <- Complete: We went with Scott's family
9. Get away for a weekend with Scott -- Still haven't done this. I'm beginning to see a bit of a pattern here. LOL
10. Have a getaway weekend with my college chicas <- Complete: We started this two years ago with a trip to Freeport, ME. Last year was to Mystic, CT and this year is in the planning stages.
11. Replace our front door and casing/frame -- Still haven't done this.
12. Take LD to a Red Sox game <-- Complete: Scott took Adam to a game last summer. They had a great time.
13. Take LD on a swan boat ride in Boston <- Semi-complete. I took Adam on a Boston Duck Tour field trip with his class, but it wasn't an actual swan boat ride.
14. Work out 4 times a week each week <-- Complete. This is back to being a priority again.
15. Paint the porch <- Complete: HAH! I forgot this was on here, and it actually was done today.
16. Paint (and/or replace) the window ledges <- Complete.
17. Paint the kitchen entryway mini-porch <- Complete: This along with 15 was also done today.
18. Go on Scott's parents' boat every summer (2/3) <-- Not complete. We somehow never made it out on the boat this past summer.
19. Take LD to the Ben & Jerry's museum/store <-- Complete. We took LD up to Stowe, and he loved it.
20. Go to a movie with LD and stay through the whole thing <-- Completed sometime last year
21. Organize our photos into actual albums <- Complete
22. Take LD to Roger Williams Park/Zoo <-- Nope, but planning to do so with my parents sometime this summer
23. Write at least two opening chapters of my novel (0/2) <-- Ohh, I think I'm going to hate the next couple of items on the list after seeing this one. LOL Definitely not complete.
24. Write summary of plot for novel <-- See above.
25. Submit summary and two chapters to literary agents <-- See above. Fail. LOL
26. Continue to go to the Festival of Trees each year (3/3) <-- Complete. We've gone every year.
27. Clean out the guest room upstairs <- Well, this was completed and now more stuff is in it. LOL
28. Have a girls' night out dinner/event with my buds at least once every other month, if not more <-- Semi-complete. It's not every other month, but we're getting together more.
29. Attend 15-year college reunion <-- Complete and had a great time!
30. Bake holiday cookies with LD from scratch (3/3) <-- Complete
31. Host or attend a toy party with friends <-- HA! Didn't happen.
32. Host or attend a make your own purse party with friends <-- Also didn't happen.
33. Finally use that crock pot I bought <-- Semi-complete. My mom used it. ;)
34. Drink Vernor's ginger ale again <-- Dad brought some back from Buffalo with him when he and Mom went out there for Uncle Mike's funeral. :(
35. Find and re-taste Bottle Caps candy <-- Thanks to Sassy for that gift. :)
36. Have professional family picture taken of me, Scott and LD <-- Not complete to this and the the next two items.
37. Have professional family picture taken of me, Scott, LD and my side of the family
38. Have professional family picture taken of me, Scott, LD and Scott's side of the family
39. Take a cooking class <-- Didn't do.
40. Have a spa day <-- If massages every now and then on my own and getting manicures with Kate, Sheila and Alexis count, then yes, this is complete. :)
41. Throw baby shower for my sister -- and see if there's any way she'll be surprised <-- Complete "no" on the being surprised part, but it was still fun. LOL
42. Have neighbors over for dinner <-- Still need to do that.
43. Get a professional pedicure <-- Didn't do.
44. Use gc Scott gave me for manicure <-- Eek. I'm pretty sure that's still sitting in a drawer. Need to use that before it expires.
45. Get another massage <- Complete
46. Host a party with friends and/or family <-- Totally complete. Have thrown quite a few wine/pizza nights and a Halloween party
47. Host game night <-- Didn't do.
48. Reconnect with at least three old friends (3/3) <-- Reconnected with two old work friends that I hadn't talked to since my AWL days; and a girlfriend from my elementary school days that I haven't talked to since 5th grade (have to love Facebook for all of those reconnections).
49. Finally donate those clothes in bags in the back of my car to Goodwill
50. Explore if going back to school is a good idea for my career <-- Explored and so not worth it
51. Host a play date for LD and his friends <-- Does a Halloween party count? Most likely not.
52. Stop putting off that dentist appointment and actually go
53. Purchase and use re-usable grocery bags
54. Update my blog at least once a week <-- HAH! Well, didn't update it in over a year, so let's say no. LOL
55. Start contributing to my savings account again
56. Up the part I'm contributing to my 401K
57. Take a kick-boxing class <-- I really should do this, but haven't.
58. Finish reading the Twilight series (4/4)
59. Take my vitamins
60. Have Blake the dog professionally groomed and trimmed up <- This one makes me sad, because Blake passed away two months ago. :(
61. Get Blake's lyme disease checked every year
62. Take LD on a whale watch <-- Need to do this
63. Take LD on a boat cruise <- If the Maid of the Mist counts, then this is complete
64. Take LD mini-golfing <- Went to a mini-golf place in West Yarmouth (blanking on the name) and he had a fantastic time
65. Attend another book reading at my alma mater <-- I think I typed this after the Chet Raymo reading, so yes, I still need to attend another book reading
66. Help LD see that getting his hair cut isn't a torture <-- Success
67. Attend a book signing of an author I like <-- Need to do
68. Go to the movies at least once every other month <-- Totally dropped the ball on this one
69. Start and finish reading Ender's Game
70. Pick up the graphic novel version of Ender's Game when it comes out October of 2008 <-- Wow, never did this.
71. Watch Terms of Endearment <- Still haven't watched this.
72. Stock up on many, many tissues before watching Terms of Endearment <-- Still have time to stock up.
73. Stop buying books completely and strictly use the library <-- Clearly failed on this. I have used the library quite a bit, but also have 15 books that I found in my dresser that I bought, put there while cleaning and never read. Bad!
74. Map out a solid plan for visiting Ireland one day <-- No plan
75. Map out a plan for taking LD to Disneyland (if that's the one in Florida) <-- Pondering this and still planning on it eventually
76. Watch Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which I own, but have never even opened <-- That's just embarassing. Still own it; still have never watched it.
77. Take a voice-over class <-- took this in October of 2008 and found out how expensive it is to start doing voice overs. Oy.
78. Buy curtains for bedroom that are all the same <-- Haven't done.
79. Re-paint the guest room <-- Haven't done
80. Re-do kitchen floor <-- Haven't done
81. Bake a cake from scratch <-- Haven't done
82. Take a wine tasting class -- This was actually fulfilled by the wine tasting party below, thanks to the lovely Sassy and her wine tasting party kit.
83. Throw a wine tasting party <-- had one 9/19/08 and it rocked. :)
84. Clean/organize the upstairs closet
85. Clean/organize the upstairs armoire
86. Clean/organize Scott's closet
87. Have that gigantic tree in the backyard removed -- Haven't done
88. Fully rake the leaves from the backyard each year (2/3)
89. Replace the Brita faucet in the kitchen
90. Plant annuals/perennials each year (4/4)
91. Either fix the swing set in our back yard or remove it <-- Haven't done
92. Get Scott's car horn fixed
93. Welcome new neighbors when our next door neighbor's house is purchased <-Complete. They're awesome and have a little dog, who is Blake's new best friend.
94. If they have kids, bring LD so he can meet them <- They don't have kids.
95. Go through books and sell/get rid of ones I'm just keeping around for no reason
96. Start using video camera to record birthday parties/holidays, etc.
97. Take a cake decorating class
98. Spend a vacation without checking work e-mail once <- This is still in the works. LOL
99. Buy a laptop <-- Scratching this off the list since I now have a laptop through work. Replacing this with the below:
NEW 99. Sign up for and take ballroom dance classes <-- signed up and had intro class April 7, 2009. Had first real lesson April 13, 2009. UPDATE: Ended lessons 2 months later.
100. Take LD to Mystic Aquarium when it's not 99 degrees outside <-- Planning to do this July, maybe
101. Get swimming lessons for LD <-- Planning to do this summer

Pretty sure I don't want to count up how many of those I didn't do. Yikes.