October 19, 2005

Okay, and now to catch up besides just this week, since I somehow haven't posted in here since March...

LD is now 3 years old and has started preschool. He's doing great and absolutely loves taking the yellow bus from preschool to daycare three days. He had to leave his little girlfriend (mentioned in a blog back in March) behind at his old daycare, but he has, of course, found new girlfriends at preschool and the new daycare.

Scott started a new job about a month ago that is going great. He loves the company and the people and is doing a fantastic job. Much better than a past gig or two that he had and hated.

As for me, per a recent post (that I pasted in here today from another journal), I'm now a manager. Yup, lil' ol' me is now managing three people. Perish the thought! But I seem to be doing pretty good at it. When I hired on the third person, I went out and bought The One-Minute Manager (great for my ADD ;) ) and The Everything Guide to Managing. Some interesting theories in The One-Minute Manager, but I think I might check out The 30-Minute Manager -- have heard better things about that.

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