October 24, 2005

Halloween candy be gone

Can't wait for Halloween to be over! LD's dressing up as a doctor, and I'm sure he'll look adorable... but, I will love not having Halloween candy in the house anymore. Specifically, I'll be glad to be rid of those tasty little treats of fun-sized Butterfingers. They're the devil. I'd never tried them until last year's Halloween, because for some reason I thought they'd taste gross. Clearly, that was the wrong judgement because now I can't get enough of them. And, it's just the fun-sized ones. I'm not a big fan of the regular-sized Butterfingers -- too much effort to break them into bite-sized pieces. :D

Yes, yes, it's my own doing that I keep buying these little devils and then eat them. Mind you, I'm not even buying it to give out as treats for Halloween. We already have two bags of 115-count candy from BJ's stashed away -- which is about right since we live in a big family neighborhood and easily pass out 200 pieces of candy each Halloween. So, since we already have Halloween candy, why do I keep buying these? Yup, no will-power whatsoever. Thankfully, Halloween is over in just a little over a week's time and I can stop buying those damnable little pieces of goodness and get back to eating apples as snacks instead.

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