October 25, 2005

Nor'easters -- Have to love them

We had a "Nor'easter" today here -- thankfully, it wasn't snow related (too early for that in my world ;) ), which is what I usually think when I hear the term. We did get gale-force winds and plenty of rain. However, said winds knocked out the power to LD's daycare. Greaaat. I got a call at work in the late morning from there and was thrown for a loop a bit because I knew LD was still at pre-school and wasn't even there yet. But, they were calling because they had to close for the day because their power was totally out. I was surprised to hear they didn't have a generator, but maybe they do, and it was knocked out as well. I didn't even think to ask.

Since it was 2 minutes from when LD was going to get on the bus to head from pre-school to daycare, he still took the bus and then daycare kept him there until I got there to pick him up. There were a bunch of other kids still at daycare as well when I got there, so I didn't feel bad.

Thankfully, the power at home wasn't knocked out at all (knock on wood!), so I was still able to work from home. Big phew to that since I'm still training my new editorial assistant as today was only her 2nd day. Kind of bad timing, but thankfully, she got a lot of training yesterday, so I was able to help her out with anything else remotely today. Phew, phew, phew!

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