November 13, 2006

Santa's not coming to town...

because he's already here!

Went out to dinner Friday night with some college friends to a local mall. While waiting for the girls to arrive, Barbara (a friend I had driven down with since we live near each other) and I roamed through the mall. To what to our wondering eyes did appear but Santa Claus all dressed up in his red suit and sitting in his "workshop" for pictures.

This was November 10th. Isn't that a bit early for Santa to be arriving at malls for pictures? I could have sworn that usually Santa arrives at the mall the weekend after Thanksgiving, or at least the day after Thanksgiving -- not weeks ahead of Thanksgiving. It was quite crazy.

On a good note, though, a lot of stores are having "Christmas" sales, and I picked up a gift for Scott (that I won't disclose since he reads this) on Sunday while at yet another mall.

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