November 15, 2005

A new look

Trying out a new look on the old blog. This one reminds me of the Cape, where I grew up. Okay, so I didn't live right on the water like in the picture, but it's the general idea of the Cape.

Not much going on. LD's in the sicky mode again -- this time, it seems to be just a cold (as opposed to allergies, or an ear infection, or early, early stage pneumonia again). He was coughing quite a bit yesterday and last night, but he actually slept pretty good last night. He woke up this morning with a faucet of a runny nose. Poor guy! He was in great spirits though besides that, so off to preschool he went (to infect those he got the cold from in the first place ;) ). Fingers crossed that we don't get a call that we need to pick him up, and that indeed this is just a cold.

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